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Friday, September 9, 2016

Goodbye, Google AdSense! I'm Breaking Up With You

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday, I decided to make Blog Like A Boss ad free and I deleted all of my Google AdSense box widgets off of this website.

So, why did I do that and cut out some of my blog income? 

Well ...

1) I felt like the ads cluttered my blog and took away from my wonderful content and design. 

2) Making like $10 so far on this new blog from those ads just isn't worth it to me (even though my traffic is increasing). Plus, there's so many other ways for bloggers to make money. 

3) I hate seeing too many ads/popups on a website so why should I subject my readers to that?

4) Being that this is a new blog, I rather use any available white space to draw new readers to my own content, my email subscriber freebies + my own future products. 

5) Why turn readers away from my site just so they can click on some flashy ad promoting someone else's products where they'll be redirected somewhere else. I want readers to browse my site longer. 

So, farewell, Google AdSense. I'm breaking up with you! 

(I feel this sense of freedom and empowerment now. Yay, me!)

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