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Monday, September 12, 2016

BLOGGER BYTES | How This London Blogger Grew His Entertainment Website Into A Popular Brand + Tips On Booking Celebrity Interviews

Blogger: Nathan Devonte

Created: January 2015
Niche: Entertainment / Celebrity Blogger
Hours Per Day Spent On Blogging: 8+

TEAm Curtains is a London-based entertainment website founded by lead editor Nathan Devonte. Between Nathan and his team of several writers/contributors, TEAm Curtains has made a splash in the entertainment industry, becoming an established source of entertainment and celebrity news. TEAm Curtains publishes fresh, original content and they have interviewed numerous celebs like K. Michelle, Faith Evans, and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, just to name a few. 


Lanette: How Do You Go About Booking High Profiled Celebrity Interviews For Your Blog? Can You Share Any Pointers With Other Bloggers? 

Nathan Devonte: I simply email their managers. Normally this can be found on social media or via a good ol’ google search. I keep emails short, polite and straight to the point with a question at the end.

L: Describe One Of Your Favorite Blog Moments.

ND: I loved when Victoria Secrets Angel Chrissy Teigen (John Legend's wife) reposted one of our Instagram captions and response-comments on her Instagram page, which in turn meant we ended up being mentioned by E! News, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Mirror newspaper and more. This also boasted our brands awareness, web traffic and social media stats.

L: What Social Media Platform Do You Like Best And Why? 

ND: I really like Twitter because you can retweet responses and I find it easier to interact with our opinionated readers BUT our Instagram page has the most followers and the most outspoken opinions - so Instagram wins! Although the app itself has too many restrictions (we've been deleted twice) and we aren’t able to connect hyperlinks to our site.

 "I am the senior editor - so my role includes
checking the quality of every post, distributing post
ideas to my team and curating new,
engaging content for readers."

Nathan Devonte
L: What Is The Hardest Part About Blogging?

ND: Long hours (on the best days I don’t sleep), finding engaging ways to introduce original content, switching technology off and building a loyal readership.

L: Can you explain any differences, advantages or challenges you face being in London, a completely different time zone from other bloggers.

ND: In short, I'm asleep when a lot of [U.S.] midnight Twitter beef happens, but that's why it has been important to build a team, to cover the time differences. In regards to interview opportunities, London is smaller but there are many media outlets who would happily take your spot ... I try to get in early. I stay up-to-date with concert listings and I create time to make contact and stay in contact. Being that most blogs are in the U.S., it can be refreshing for the reader to receive a different outlook. We make our identity known, as we aim to bridge the overseas gap. We have a tight team of contributors who all throw in ideas, we have become a small group of friends that discuss POP culture all day long. This is helpful for when we interview artists, we come together with aims to prepare a fresh set of questions to ensure we receive new engaging content for our readers.

L: Where do you see TEAm Curtains within the next couple of years? What are some of your goals?

ND: I see TEAm Curtains growing into an umbrella brand with multiple ventures streaming from underneath. I have goals to launch an app, a merchandising store and lots more original visual content from our YouTube channel.

L: What Is Some Advice You Can Give New Bloggers?

ND: Build a trustworthy network around you. Plan ahead. Set a goal that is more than just making money (or ‘followers'), and work steadily towards it. Rome was not built in a day and nor will you brand. Be prepared to pay your dues and grind your way up!

Check out TEAm Curtain's website for the latest in celeb news and entertainment 

Follow them on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

Watch their celebrity interviews on YouTube

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