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Friday, August 26, 2016

Never Undervalue Your Brand And Don't Charge Less Than What You're Worth!

I remember the time someone DM'd me on Instagram inquiring about prices for advertising on my entertainment blog page. After telling them what I charge per post, they tried to get me to lower my prices and compared what other bloggers charged: cheaper prices. 

I didn't have a promo special or anything going on, so I stood my ground and said no. 

I could have easily lowered the price for that customer and made whatever money from the price he was willing to settle on, but then I thought, if I lower my prices for him, then who else will I lower my prices for? And, why should I have to lower them? I write great content, I've been blogging for five years and I spend a lot of late nights doing this. So, I started thinking, people need to respect what I do and respect my ad prices, period, point, blank.

I always thought my prices were reasonable and not overpriced given my amount of followersI became a little annoyed at the fact that I had this back and forth discussion with this person about my ad prices and I winded up posting about it for my followers to see. It's like I had to defend my brand and why I'm not priced so cheaply like some other bloggers in my niche. 

I posted my frustration about the situation (not the actual DM convo), and the feedback I received from my loyal followers was actually very uplifting. One person even told me I was charging too little and my ad prices should be more. 


This was a learning experience for me. I learned, not everyone will be able to afford you and some people are just flat out cheap. Customers are not going to set my prices and walk over me. This is MY business, MY brand, MY time and energy that I invest into my blog everyday ... so, MY prices. 

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I'm here to tell you, never undervalue your brand and what you're capable of. Some people just don't know how much effort and late nights we put into blogging, writing and into our craft.

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Charge what you're worth 
and don't apologize for it!

Your brand is your credibility and it takes time, thoughts, years of experience, your energy and many sacrifices to build a brand/business, build an audience, to stay consistent, etc.

Your time is worth every penny!

If you're selling a book, advertisements or whatever product and someone is complaining about your prices, then they're not for you, they're not your target market. 

Don't feel like you have to just accept any price thrown at you. This will make it harder for you to raise your prices later. 

Your brand and what you sell is not for everyone, and that's okay. There will be an audience of people that will know your prices are worth it.

So remember, never undercharge your services and don't undervalue your brand and your talent. 

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