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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Building Your Personal Brand & Finding This Thing Called Your Niche (Free Worksheet Included!)

Whether you're a:

- New blogger
- Looking to rebrand
- Struggling to get readers OR
- Still having trouble finding the focus of your personal brand...

... then this post is for you.

How many times have you heard the word niche? Find your niche market ... narrow down your niche ... your niche is key in targeting your audience. 

Topic selection is a big deal because it's the driving force behind your website traffic as well as web browsers and future loyal readers finding your blog. 

You have to make it easy for readers to find the things they actually want to read about, draw them in and attract them. What topics you decide to write about plus your tone and style of writing determines what type of audience you attract and how you turn your readers into potential customers. 

I recently created a survey asking 'What Area In Blogging Do You Need Help With The Most'? and 'Narrowing Down My Niche' got 62.50% of the votes. 

Results from the survey out of 22 participants

So, I figured I would write a post focused about niches AND I included some free worksheets in this week's email newsletter. These worksheets can be used to help you narrow down and brainstorm exactly what your niche should be.  

Well, How Do You Find This Nichey Thing?

Your niche is what sets you apart, it's your personality, it's your style of writing and fitting it in into what you bring to the table, plus figuring out why others benefit from it. 

Focusing in on your niche helps you build a key audience of loyal readers. Some people know exactly what they're good at and what they want to talk about. But for some writers, authors and bloggers, finding a niche takes forever to figure out. Sometimes these things take time and if it doesn't come to you right away, that's okay. Keep brainstorming and search for more inspiration. 

To get ideas of different topics:

Visit different forums and see what people are talking about
- Read comment sections of your favorite blogs 
- See what's trending on different social media outlets
- Plus, my new brainstorming worksheets can help you!

Remember, there's no set rule on how many things you can write about, but narrowing it down is best to define what your blog is. 

"Make sure the focus of your blog topics are narrowed down to define your niche." 

It's Okay If Your Niche Changes

Sometimes niches change over time, you're never just stuck with writing one particular topic. What you're passionate about one day can change years later. People grow and so do their interest, and that's fine, it's normal. 

Take myself for example, I've been blogging about entertainment, celebrity news and gossip since 2011. But, just last year, I became inspired to start this blog after receiving numerous emails and DM's from people asking me for blog tips and how to grow their Instagram pages. The success of growing my social media following and entertainment blog helped me by opening another door and I found another niche: creating a blog where I can help people build better blogs and brands. 

How Do You Know Who Your Target Audience Is?

Your niche is the service you are providing for your target market + the topics on your blog which equals the individuals you serve - your readers.

Bloggers should know who their audience is, what they do, what their interests are, and how you can help them. (Creating different surveys and checking out your analytics are keys to finding out more about your readers. Just like how I created a survey asking my readers what they need help with the most.)

New bloggers should start their blogs in a niche with a clear audience in mind. Blog about different topics and then slowly narrow it down to what you enjoy writing about most until you find the niche that works for you. 

Free Niche Building Worksheets

You ready?

Good, let's get to brainstorming...

When you have some time (don't rush this process), I want you to:

- Sign up for my free email newsletter to receive your copy of the 'Defining My Niche' worksheet 

- Print out the 6-page worksheet and grab your pen

- Now, visit your happy place to clear your mind (which I call your "goosfraba" spot). 
This is your go-to spot, a place that inspires you, somewhere that makes you happy (one of my favorite places is a New Jersey park with an awesome view overlooking cliffs). 

- Clear your mind, think and answer the questions. 

Really put some thought into the 10 questions I have set up in the worksheet. This is your brainstorming session to help you narrow down your niche and target audience. 

Don't forget to join my new private Facebook group and check me out on Instagram!
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