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Monday, August 15, 2016

BLOGGER BYTES: Jayraw Shares 5 Blog Tips + The Importance Of Creating A Schedule

Blogger: Jayraw
Website: Only Jay Raw
Created: 2012
Niche: Entertainment / Celebrity Blogger
Fav Social Network: Instagram | 3.6k followers

Lanette: Describe One Of Your Favorite Blog Moments. 

Jayraw: One of my best moments was when I got the chance to interview two artists that was on the rise, Desiigner and Phresher. To see them two have the success they having now and being apart of their beginnings was really dope. 

L: How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend On Blogging? 

J: As of now, I'm going to put myself on a blogging schedule. I used to blog full-time, but now I'm part-time, therefore I'm going to start posting early mornings and evenings. Being that I'm a one-man show, I have to do it like this. 

Blogger Jayraw

L: What Is The Hardest Part About Blogging? 

J: Blogging is a hard and stressful job if you don't plan accordingly. My biggest challenge is knowing about events to cover. Also posting at a timely manner. That was one thing I had to get used to with being an entertainment blogger. I had to get used to posting when the news dropped. It may be hard if you're blogging part-time, but once I found my system, it became easy. 

L: Why Did You Start? 

J: I was always a fan of music and around 2010 I used to go to my favorite back then, Concrete Loop, for all the new music. I was DJ'ing parties and would find new stuff from that site and others. When that site ended I was saddened, but by that time I was hosting my own online radio show, then I figured why not make a site for artists to display their music. It was a great crossover for the show. 

  5 Blogging Tips From Jayraw

Know What You Want Out Of Your Blog

Many times people start a blog and don't think about the financial outcome of their blog, whether it be a blog promoting a biz or a site that generates ad revenue. Once you know what type of blog you want to do, it would help if you figure out how to design your site.

Find Your Niche

Once you know what type of blog you want to do, now it's time to find out what writing skills fits you best. Some people can write for days and some people can get right to the point. Some have a humor to their writing style, some don't. Once you find your writing style, make sure your writing style fits your personality and your blog personality. Keep in mind, like minded people will be visiting your site.

Know Your Audience

After finding your niche, writing style and overall topics for your blog, it's time to keep a steady flow of clicks. After all, clicks are what keeps your site afloat. So, always try to stay on top of trends and watch what people are looking for. As a blogger, we are always held to a standard of "know it all" so to keep your integrity of your site, post often (pending on the type of site you do) and stay fresh with info.

Find A Muse

Now some will look at this as being a "copy cat" or "biting," but think about it ... every great artist needed a vision, shoot even Leonardo da Vinci needed a picture to paint the Mona Lisa. With that being said, use some of your favorite sites as a mock up of how you would want your site to look. Now, don't go biting their whole style but just get an idea. See how their audience engage in comments. Don't be afraid to build and destroy. Trust me, you will make a few versions of your site before you find the one that fits you.

Utilize All Media Sources

Back when I had journalism in high school I asked a question in class, "how does the news find the stories to air?" My fellow peers looked at me like I had four heads while my teacher said that was one of the best questions I asked all year (I was too shy earlier in the year). He answered it with a simple "you have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times." Now for me being an entertainment blogger, that past wisdom stuck to me. I have to stay on top of the entertainment news ticker. Using different media outlets as my source for info. No one site creates the news, but you can control how it will be delivered to the people. Now if you're not doing an entertainment blog, you still will have to research on topics and give good information. But, be mindful to site your sources. Give credit.

You can check out Jayraw's website over at Only Jay Raw  

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