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Monday, August 22, 2016

BLOGGER BYTES | Finding Your Calling And Living It Out: Justine Luzzi On Becoming An Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Mentor

 Blogger: Justine Luzzi

Created: May 2015
Niche: Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentor
Her blog in 3 words: Intuition Trumps Everything!
Fav Social Network: Instagram | Combined 1.5k+ followers

Lanette: What is it that made you want to become an intuitive coach / spiritual mentor and blog about it? 

Justine: About three years ago, I had a spiritual awakening that opened my eyes to everything I couldn’t see before. This includes discovering my intuition, and how strong and powerful I actually was. I was discovering my ‘higher self’. 

My awakening opened me up to a whole new world of healing, understanding, and spiritual practices. All I wanted to do was connect to like-minded people. It was super hard for me to find those people in my everyday life, so creating a blog community around intuition and spirituality was just the right fit at the right time. And Hashtag Intuition was born!

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Intuitive Coach,
Spiritual Mentor And Overall
Boss Chick, Justine Luzzi
L: How many hours a day do you spend blogging?

J: Don’t work on it every day, but weekly, I’d say 3 to 5.

L: How do you find time to blog consistently and also have a full-time job? 

J: My job is going to hate this answer, but mostly on my down time at work. I’m also known to come home and work in the evenings and on weekends.

L: What is the biggest challenge of starting your own brand and growing your own business? 

J: Identifying and being clear about my ideal audience/client.

L: Where do you see your brand within the next couple of years? What are some of your goals? 

J: I’m currently revamping my whole site to focus more on my coaching and spiritual mentorship services. In the next couple of years, I see myself living the digital nomad lifestyle, where I pull in enough money working from home, helping people, and doing what I love. THAT is the ultimate goal.

L: What is one piece of advice you can give to new bloggers?

J: Don’t waste too much time on the LOOK of the site. Concentrate on creating great content, building an audience, and driving traffic!

You can read Justine's blog and follow her journey 
over here at Hashtag Intuition  

Follow her blog on: Twitter Facebook | Instagram 
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