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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Best Ways To Recycle Your Old Blog Content To Increase Website Traffic

Want to gain more website traffic without even having to write a new blog post?


Republish your old posts and bring them back to life! It's so easy for our old posts to get lost within our blog. I have more than 3,000 blog posts on my entertainment blog, which gives me a lot of archives to dive through. 

Every now and then, old things need to be updated and this includes your blog. This will also help extend the life of your content AND bring more eyeballs to your site without you even having to come up with new content. 

My blogger boo Brittany over at Believably Me was recently monitoring her blog stats and noticed readers who were clicking on her old posts from like four years ago. She didn't know whether or not she should delete them since her old posts have nothing to do with her blogging niche now. 

I suggested she keep the old posts as a reminder of how her blog has grown and changed over the years. It also doesn't hurt that she's racking in some page views with those older posts. 

So, remember, taking the time to update your old posts is a HUGE plus. You never know what people are googling and how your blog may pop up in search engines.

So, here are 5 ways to bring your old content to life again: 

  • Refresh & Republish

Refresh your old post, bring it back to life, republish (using the same URL) and reshare it.

When you get a minute, go through some of your old posts that may still be getting a lot of views and take the time to update these posts. Refresh your Call To Action if need be, update any images, videos or broken links + add in any new updates (if there are any) or how about adding in a new angle to your post. 

I definitely need to follow my own advice on this one and update my CTA on a lot of my older posts on my entertainment blog. I noticed the link to my Facebook is broken since the URL changed on my FB page earlier this year. So, if people are clicking on that, I could be missing out on potential new FB "likes." 

  • Include Links Of Old Content In New Posts 

As I've previously mentioned, include links in your new blog posts to older posts. I write RELATED or RECOMMENDED FOR YOU followed by the link. By including these links, you're giving people the option to continue reading related posts + they're staying on your site longer. 

  • From Blog To Vlog

Turn your written content into a video post or a podcast. How about highlighting one of your most popular blog posts and create a YouTube video, chat live about the topic on Facebook Live or Periscope. Turn a blog post into an email series, create slides on SlideShare or create a web series with some of your old posts. 

  • Re-share Old Blog Posts On Social Media

Don't be scared to reshare that awesome feature story or amazing interview you did. You put a lot of hard work into your blog posts, right? Well, make sure you are taking advantage of all of the ways to market your content and push it out there!

Include links to some of your old posts in your email newsletters as well. How about highlighting one old post once a week in your newsletter. 

Have you grabbed your free copy of the Blogger Social Media Checklist? Maximize the number of eyeballs on your content by utilizing my go-to checklist.

Publish a new post with links to some of your overall best content. Publish a 'Popular Posts Of All Time' - type of post and link 10 of your most viewed blog posts AND display a list of your popular posts in a widget on the side bar of your blog. 

  • Create A 'Start Here' Tab

Creating an effective 'Start Here' page can be very beneficial to your blog. A 'Start Here' page usually explains what your blog is about, why people should read it and who is the blog for (your general target audience). This is a great page for new readers to check out. You can also include links to some of your older articles that you think people shouldn't miss. 

I'm waiting to build up this blog a little more before I create my own 'Start Here' tab, but check out this amazing 'Start Here' page here to see an example, and notice how this blogger weaved in his most popular posts. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to recycle old posts? Drop a comment below to share!

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