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Thursday, August 25, 2016

6 Ways To Handle Online Trolls, Random Haters & Negativity

If You're Involved In The Online World, Chances Are You've Dealt With Some Haters

Social media is an awesome way to connect with people, network, build new relationships, build your business, find customers, share news, make money, share your talents and much more. But, nowadays, it's so easy with anyone with internet access to be this anonymous hater hiding behind a keyboard (thumb thugs ... that's what I like to call them).

No matter how great your business is, how good looking you think you are or how awesome you think your content is, there always seems to be at least that one person lurking around with something negative to say, someone looking to provoke you. 

Trolls, angry internet users, meanies, social media bullies, haters ... whatever you want to call THEM ... they are those people who like to stop by and drop negative comments on your page or bash your looks, your blog, your business and so on. 

It's okay for one to share their opinion or to disagree with yours, but it's another thing for a troll to bash you and/or your brand. 

I notice that some people are just incapable of communicating in a professional way. Some express their disagreement and it comes off as hateful, and that's where we (us bloggers) have to draw the line between: someone just having a different opinion vs. someone attacking us, our brand, and our opinion. 

As someone who has been blogging for five years, has every social network there is, has quite an opinion and an outgoing personality, and continuously deals with the public, I've become so used to just blocking out all the negativity. It's like when I'm in the newsroom where there's all this noise surrounding me. I don't let all the noise affect me or my work. When I'm in the zone and writing, I hear nothing. I have this ability to block out everything and everyone when I can put my mind in that space to focus. The same applies to the online trolls. (Buttt, from time to time, I do like to reply and give ignorant haters a little reaction just for sh*ts and giggles.

In 2014, when I first brought my entertainment blog on to Instagram, I used to get so upset at anyone who disliked my blog and who made fun at me having a small amount of followers or at those who made fun of how I looked. 

Some other bloggers even pissed me off because they would pick online beef with me over the dumbest and smallest things that could have been easily worked out. I had one blogger who worked my nerves so bad and even made fun of how I looked that it prompted me to post an online video directed at them so they could see how serious I was about them leaving me alone before things escalated offline. 

Even when we try to ignore people, sometimes we just get tired, that's understandable, we're human. 

Now, I'm in this space of calmness (most times, lol) and not caring what others have to say. Why let people I don't even know upset me and ruin my day? I try to remember: 

  • You Can't Please Everyone.
  • Not Everyone Is Going To Like You.
  • And That's Fine.
  • Don't Let Them Get Under Your Skin!


6 ways to respond to online trolls, negativity and haters:

Know When To Report / Delete Comments

If someone starts personally attacking your character or resorts to name-calling, etc., remember you can report that person/online page. Most social media platforms have some type of report button and that page can run the risk of getting deleted. 

Also, know when to delete those nasty and rude comments, especially if they're on a sponsored post. You have to monitor your comment section and make sure no one is saying anything offensive. 

Correct Mistakes And Move On 

We all make mistakes. If you have a mistake on your post and someone keeps calling you out for it, address the controversy, realize you made the mistake, correct it, and move on. I've spelled people's names wrong before, had a wrong address and I've even mixed up two celebrities which prompted a number of comments from people pointing out my mistake and making jokes about it. That's fine. I corrected it and moved on. 

I also have no problem with constructive criticism. But, if a follower can't get over the mistake after its been addressed and corrected or if they're being just plain rude, they get BLOCKED! See ya!

Brush Them Off And Laugh

I've asked an Instagram comment hater once: "on a scale of big mad and little mad, how mad are you?" and I cracked myself up! 

After noticing an increasing amount of trolls (and this is just on Instagram), I've now decided to have some fun with those I block by creating a specific hashtag: #BlockdTParty

I also started noticing, a lot of these angry haters have poor grammar and spelling which I don't mind pointing out to them:

Don't Feed The Haters

As stated above, I created a hashtag of me showing off some of the people I block. I must block at least 10 pages a day on my entertainment IG page. From time to time, I also make my page private just so I could have a break from those lurkers. It seems like the more my page grows, the more I get. 

As a blogger, you have to be your own anti-troll device. Us bloggers need to have thick skin and know when to completely ignore someone, simple as that. 


Loyal Followers

It always pays to build a loyal audience. Sometimes I don't even have to bother responding to a hater because my loyal followers go on attack mode. 

Those that know your personality, your blog and have been following you for quite some time, will most likely stick up for you during times like this. 

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Just make sure things don't escalate where it backfires and hurts your followers. I've blocked people before who have come at my loyal followers. If I notice any bullying towards them, I will block the hater in a heartbeat. 

Spit Facts

If someone is trying to discredit you or spread rumors, shut it down by responding with facts to discredit their argument. Also, post a message on your website, Facebook group, forum or wherever that trolling and cyber bulling will not be tolerated. 

So, Remember ...

Most trolls are bored and are creating arguments just to get attention, they'll look to complain about anything. For them to show you that much attention, they may just be an undercover fan. Ha!

Also, you rock and you're doing something right! 

Pay no attention to the haters ... just kill them with kindness and a nice BLOCK!


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