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Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome To My New Website: Blog Like A Boss!

Welcome To My New Website: Blog Like A Boss

Think like a boss and blog like one too!

Hello! My name is Lanette Espy (also known as La La) and I'm the creator and writer of Ooooooo La La!, an entertainment blog that I started as just another hobby in 2011. 

My website is currently growing into a little side business and has been mentioned as a source on a number of credible websites, including VH1, Bossip and Centric TV

If you're thinking about starting your very own blog OR if you already have a blog and just need some additional pointers, post ideas, some motivation, and/or social media tips, then this website is the spot for you!

So, Why Even Listen To Me?

I've created several blogs and websites over the years while feeling out what it is I like to write about ... I had a personal health & fitness blog, a relationship blog (which I now revamped into this blog!), a different number of online portfolios, etcetera, etcetera ... but, Ooooooo La La! has been my most successful blog to date gaining more than 105,000 combined social media followers and receiving around 35,000 monthly website page views! 

... Not bad for one person who also holds down a job, does freelance work, who is also trying to write her first eBook, all while managing to somehow have a personal life, plus I have a lil' Yorkie to take care of (Maxi) ... Woosah!

Many of my loyal readers (I've nicknamed them the OooLaLaFam) found my blog through Instagram which has become the #1 best social media tool for me. *
I'll explain in a future blog post: ways to grow your Instagram following and how to direct that large following back to your website to increase your traffic.

People started noticing the growth of my blog within a year and I also started getting a lot of emails and Instagram DM's (Direct Messages) from mostly new bloggers asking me for blog tips and how to grow their social media accounts as well. 

I would respond to people, copy and pasting the same advice I gave to the last person and then I got my aha moment and voilà! ... Blog Like A Boss is now born!


I soon realized, not only have I been blogging for a couple years, but I do have a degree in journalism & media studies, plus I have professional experience in radio, interviewing, print journalism and online media. 

Oh yeah, I'm also an award-winning journalist! ... I don't brag about that as much as I should (read more on that here). 

In addition to all of this, I was a copy writer for a couple of years where I wrote creative online content for hundreds of business websites (which makes me a stickler for grammar, accuracy and punctuation) ... Yeah, I'm that friend who will correct your sentences in a text message convo, guilty!

I started blogging so I could have a site to call my own, somewhere I could write whatever and whenever and not have an editor chopping up my work. My blog is all me and I'm proud of it! 

I noticed the power of blogging, building a brand and growing a website (it also doesn't hurt that I get some extra money out of doing what I love to do). I soon realized I can actually help different writers/bloggers and provide a blog just full of tips, advice and overall things that worked (and didn't work) for me. 

What You'll Get From This Site

With all that said, what can YOU the reader take away from Blog Like A Boss?

You want to build something you're proud of, right? ... your name is behind it! So, I'll share ways to hold down your blog and various social media accounts so you too can blog like a boss!

You can expect: different blog tricks and tips, posts about new digital trends that I find useful, I'll talk about my blogging journey and different experiences, plus overall things that worked for me, how to get extra money from your blog, motivational posts, and much, much more. 

Take a look at some of the future posts you'll be able to read on this blog: 

Make Money From Instagram And Turn It Into Your Side Hustle

Legal Lesson Learned: I Almost Got Sued For Image Copyright Infringement

Pimp Out Your Blog With Some Of My Favorite Widgets

I Reached 100k Followers On Instagram And You Can Too!

Building A Brand That Attracts Loyal Followers

Why I Removed Infolinks Ads From My Blog

Self-Promotion Is Key: Market Your Damn Self!

Handling Online Trolls, Daily Haters & Negativity 

First Things First: Blog Tips For The Bloggin' Virgin

Congratulations! You Got Blocked By A Celebrity Online ... Why This Can Actually Be A Good Thing

How I Balanced My Blog & Personal Life Working 60+ Hours A Week At Two Jobs

And, much more to come!

I will also aim to post even more tips from some of my fellow blogging buddies so you can get an overall idea of what worked for them while building a brand and hear some of their ideas as well. 

Your Feedback Is Encouraged!

Feel free to respond, make suggestions for future posts and be active! Drop a comment below my posts, send me a tweet to my personal account or email me with any questions or comments you may have.

And, don't forget to subscribe to this blog to receive the latest updates to your email box!!

Thank you for visiting and reading my site and being a part of the Blog Like A Boss conversation. I'm super excited about this! I look forward to you joining me on my blogging journey and learning along the way. 

There are always new things to learn, you can never stop learning!

- La La 
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